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Difficulty: Medium Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, November 1, 2023

2:31 am

Another fun fairly easy Medium :
3:10 am

why cant the missing puzzles be added to archives I cant see how can be added to personal score otherwise - or am i missing a trick or 2
5:44 am
Grandma Barb

I cannot access 10-28 and 10-29, otherwise I am upto date.
6:58 am

I wondered the same thing, Anne.
6:58 am

I wondered the same thing, Anne.
7:26 am

I suspect with the website down those two days werent published and maybe never will
8:06 am

Another nice medium
11:13 am

What MrNate said 9:35 amMrNateProfileUnited StatesYou have to type in the missing puzzle address - /archives/6441 and 6442
11:20 am

The easiest way to get to the missing puzzles from here is to click on Archives, then click on October 27 puzzle 6440. When it comes up, change the number in your browser bar to 6441 or 6442. Sorry, I dont know if this will work on all devices.
12:07 pm

That works for me! Thanks Janet very much!
1:10 pm

done 3
1:34 pm

Some pretty good Medium tricks.
1:45 pm

Looking for October 29 puzzle, # 6441. to complete. No luck so far. Cant find a place on Archives that works. All other puzzles have been solved. Thanks to all who make good suggestions.
3:14 pm

My method works with Chrome or Edge browsers on a Windows PC. Does anyone have results from iOS or Android systems In any event, I am sure that Dr. God will remedy the situation as soon as possible.
3:21 pm

God, the archives does not show i missed any puzzles
6:20 pm

I used Judy Halls web addresses see chat below for the missing grids and they came up to complete. Recommend.
7:04 pm

Correction on my part: 10/29/2023 should be 6442. Hoping to see and solve it at some point.
8:45 pm

Phil, the puzzles are only missing from the graphics interface which makes it easy for people to see which puzzles they have not yet completed. The puzzles are not missing from the database which you can access directly. See several other posts for details.