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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, May 5, 2022

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, May 5, 2022

1:36 am

Super easy Easy :
2:41 am

Controversial WORDLE today.
5:57 am

6:20 am

Todays Wordle wouldnt be controversial for baseball fans, though I can surely understand why those living outside the US would feel so.
6:40 am

Ithought it was a name.
9:37 am

It is a name. Lots of names are also nouns.
1:41 pm

simple - there is no controversy to Wordle - The list of possible correct answers is published.
5:18 pm

Mostly fast clicking. One slow spot. 12.
11:53 pm

There would be no controversy to Wordle if the published list was widely understood to be only a list of possible correct answers. But that is not so. Many people expect the list to contain only answers which are WORDS that appear in a dictionary - a real dictionary with definitions, not a Scrabble dictionary or similar reference work. Consider the recently discussed BOUNDLY accepted in the 7-letter variety of Wordle. Some online dictionaries include BOUNDLY but glaringly fail to define it, and others do not include it at all. Maybe you can make BOUNDLY look like a word by coining an expression such as homeward-boundly but that seems very awkward to me, and it does not provide any clue as to what BOUNDLY means.