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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, January 28, 2021

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, January 28, 2021

1:44 am

9:12 am

Im having a strange problem with this game in the last few days. I often do a few minutes on the grid in the morning, then return to it in the evening, or sometimes a day or two later. But if I return to a game with any greens, theyve gone haywire... putting lots of 1s in some places, and showing errors instead of little numbers in others. Ive tried two different browsers, both the same. Just tested with this one - I tried entering a couple of greens, saved, went away and returned, and the same thing happened :
9:12 am

Is anyone else seeing this or is it a problem with my computer...
9:44 am

I have not seen this but I typically complete the puzzle. It sounds like a cache problem. Clear the browser cache. Also if you have not rebooted lately, do that.
9:55 am

nice easy
10:12 am

@Kukana - I had the same problem - it started when the chat was down and it persisted a bit longer than the chat was down, but this morning it was okay again for me.
10:25 am

Hmm. Just cleared the cache, but the problem persists. I turn the computer off each night, and its been like this for about three days. Very peculiar.
11:06 am

Ill have another check with tomorrows puzzle. I do not think it is the cache. I would start on one computer and finish on another one. Both had the problem.
11:15 am

Done nice easy
11:39 am

ive been working on old puzzles from 2017. It happens to me too. Same time line. cleared the cache, restarted. I will say that I have to save the checkpoint and then return to the puzzle or open the puzzle again in a new window in order to get an error which for me looks like unloaded image files in each square that greens existed.
1:52 pm

Fun Easy :
1:53 pm

1:54 pm

Strange ... Chatterbox is not letting me finish my smiley face ... close parenthesis does not appear ...
2:00 pm

Interesting. Not hard. Two unique rectangles. 14.
3:25 pm

11:05 pm

Encountered two sporadic server crashes over the past week where I couldnt log on to this website. Its a lot of work keeping track of server issues for multiple customer OSs, ISP security issues and browser software upgrades and bugs. Looks like everythings back to normal. Recommend upgrading the domain to https. Its free and these days is critical to the websites security. Dont know of any other websites left that run the http protocol except those that lease drive space under a master domain server parent. This is a very unique website. Dr God provides a terrific gaming site and earns zero income from it. No ads, no sponsored products, no donations, no Tee shirts or coffee cup sales, nada. Generous immortal, he.