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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, March 28, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 28, 2020

4:47 am

7:45 am

One of the hardest I have done--finally got it
8:46 am

Indeed. g/g and two restarts because of mistakes
8:58 am

my but a lot of guesses. Almost have up on this one. Lol
8:59 am

Not "my". Darn autocorrect. substitute "No greens"
10:04 am

12:47 pm

Mr. O, there has been a trend toward the monetization of the X non-accredited courses. Like you KT, I
12:52 pm

got caught up in the MITx micromasters courses that cost 100 dollars ea and require passing independent proctored examinations at remote testing sites. Its a new world. An MIT standard Masters program can cost 180,000.
1:03 pm

My problem w Coursera courses was my appetite for them exceeds my free time. There are other advantages in taking them. They present unique opportunities. I took aa five month course at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm without leaving my apt in Maine and for passing with a good grade I now receive their monthly magazine free for life. Its the European equivalent of the New England Journal of Medicine.
1:16 pm

KT, I tried a course on water pollution mitigation at the Univ of Delph in the Netherlands but didn't have the necessary chemistry background to successffully complete it. I took courses in organic and inorganic chemistry at Kahn Academy and now can handle tthose chemical equations and applications of the periodic table. Apologies for the double letters. Spilled a cup of coffee on my keyboard.
2:48 pm

JackT - You're ambition to learn is broader than mine! I usually stick to mathematics and computer programming. Sometimes I will take a theology class.
2:52 pm

*Your (obviously I need a grammar class) :)
3:24 pm

Obsession iis more like it. I stroked out very close to diving bell butterfly status. Drs told my sisters to close my estate. That was 12 yrs ago. When we find ourselves on the edge of oblivion it does change one's perspective on a lot of things. Believe me I have my share of regrets. You have nothing to worry about in that dept. Just be yourself. I've come to appreciate you for who you are.
7:58 pm

That was a fun Expert puzzle :)