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Difficulty: Medium Saturday, March 21, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 21, 2020

12:35 am

done with pairs and crosshatching
12:59 am

Thee cheers for Tall Mike
3:08 am

Agree will refrain from responding
6:20 am

A slow but not too difficult medium
6:29 am

It's hard for me to stay silent when we in the US have a president, who by his words and inactions have harmed so many. Sorry.
7:57 am

Diane, don't "stay silent". Call your Congress-Critter and your Senators and voice your concerns. Call your state legislators. Call your local leaders.

Those here who still support the POTUS will continue to do so, as is their right. Those who oppose the POTUS will have difficulty admitting when he does something right (like declaring a national emergency).

And I agree with the former group that the past harm is done and we need to take care of the present and future. And I agree with the latter group that we need to be taking more and better action now, that it is crucial that those on all parts of the political spectrum work together to end the crisis.

Most of us are reasonably concerned that if there is not testing and treatment for all who are potentially infected then the rest of us are at risk. (That sentence sounds something like a narrow version of "Medicare for All"). We need to see a clearer path to a healthy future for all. And this is a space to get to mental exercise (which we all need in addition to healthy food, physical exercise, sufficient sleep, and social distance), by respectful dialogue in all directions.

8:57 am

Well said, Penguin
12:03 pm

Yes. Please direct your efforts to change the way things are towards the people who have the power to change them - politicians. The members of this forum have no influence.
12:26 pm

111eggs - Knives Out was a great movie I watched in the theater a few months ago. Is streaming for rent now.
12:31 pm

what is it about? never heard of it
12:40 pm

It's a murder mystery farce starring Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher Plummer and I can't remember who off the top of my head
12:41 pm

I like mysteries so will check it out. Thanks for the tip.
12:57 pm

Thanks vashongin! Didn't know this existed but will definitely check it out.
2:23 pm

its a kind of spoof as well, funny in places.
2:54 pm

Easy. I didn't notice the Medium trick. 14.
2:58 pm

Seems to m, the members of this forum have no idea exactly how misinformed they were. About 2 weeks ago, I came across a paper lauding the success of choloroquine long with zinc. I keep wondering why this wasn't in any American press. It's the drug the South Koreans have been using with great success. Why the lag here? One 1/2 wit tried to point out to be it would still have to undergo people testing for the FDA. I say there's an entire country that has already been through human trials. In other news, Trump tries to strongarm Germans for all they have. Seriouslly?
4:44 pm

Fairly easy Medium :)
8:06 pm