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Difficulty: Hard Friday, March 20, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Friday, March 20, 2020

12:17 am

Phil, the pictures of some young Americans partying it up at the beach and elsewhere make great attention grabbers but tell nothing about how the US as a whole is responding to the virus threat. Ditto for the wedding party where? oh yes, in Australia! You are also careful to avoid mentioning the bipartisan support here for Trump's efforts to hold China accountable for the mayhem they caused by trying to hide the original virus outbreak instead of stopping it in its tracks. Your bias against Trump is very obvious. It also serves no useful purpose in this forum where people come to relax and have a good time, especially when most of us are trying to adapt to new lifestyles. Why don't you play nicely here, and then go to twitter or somewhere else to vent your rage? I for one would thank you for it.
12:32 am

crosshatching and pairs solve this.
12:35 am

From a Newsweek article:
Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, one of the president's most vocal detractors, called these moves "incredible" and "the right response in this critical time."
At a briefing on Tuesday, Cuomo said that "the president is doing the right thing in offering to step up with New York and I appreciate it, and New York will do the right thing in return."
Newsom said that Trump indicated "he was aware of where... swabs are being procured before I even offered my own insight."
"Not only is he on top of it, but they're securing and beginning the process of distributing those swabs," the governor added.
12:52 am

Ausralian universities paying Chinese students to circumvent travel ban. Simply go to a country not on banned list for 14 days, then enter Austalia without quarentine requiement.
1:17 am

TallMike, I agree!
2:01 am

Where is that first 'fact' from Pinhead? Your second sentence was correct but many weeks ago (and self isolation rather than quarantine)
5:33 am

The mix of puzzles is quite different since the "reset"
9:33 am

Stewart: A simple search led me to this article:
It seems to be the same information that pinhead referred to about several Australian universities paying for Chinese students to get around the travel ban.
11:00 am

as he said before TM, the dateline is 3 weeks ago.
11:26 am

TM you are wrong again. Maybe you just read what you want to hear. Yes I totally agree as does everyone, that the virus started most likely in the wet markets of Wuhan. Could just as easily been Bankok of many other Asian cities where these practices are not stamped out due to cultural reasons in the main. A lot of scientists and also Bill Gates predicted this years ago, so everyone had time to prepare, SARS was one hint of what was to come as was MERS. I also agree that tragically die to the systems of government controls and lack of free speech in China that it got out and warnings were ignored. However, they then responded as only they can and the role models in how to deal with this were Singapore, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong, to name a few.
11:34 am

So you have to gove them credit for that. Australia and Europe did not go in hard and fast due to concerns over economic conditions, so took the riskier route to tackle the virus. They mainly got it wrong by not organising sufficient testing kits and shutting down borders, and yes I agree the negligent attitude of some universities concerned more about loss of revenue that the wider risk to public health was disgraceful. You won't find argument from me there. But Trump was negligent and totally incompetent, surely you have to agree? And yes most Americans are fighting it hard now too. But so many stupidly believed the rubbish he spouted for so long which is why have so many Americans on Bondi Beach in Sydney believing its no worse than flue, and ignoring the plight of those at risk of dying.
11:58 am

even if people agree that Trump was negligent - what difference does it make now? You seek vindication for a political view and smugly think anyone who dissents from that view is somehow morally flawed. How self-centered.
1:00 pm

Phil dodged my main point. Perhaps I need to restate it. IronSudoku is a super valuable asset to people who use Sudoku as a distraction from the worldwide crisis. It is wonderful to be able to immerse oneself in mental challenges because it helps one regain a sense of balance and start to relax. The effect is enhanced when players post positive thoughts and discuss the pleasures of life. Conversely, the effect is undermined by posts expressing negativity and anger.

We all know plenty of ways to follow the news of the crisis, and where to participate in political wrangling if we so choose. I do it myself, but not here, not now.

Let's make IronSudoku a safe place, a comfort zone, somewhere to let go and relax and flourish and heal.

Does that make sense?
1:01 pm

A hard-to-see unique rectangle and a pair-triplet combination. Pretty cute. 28.
1:03 pm

TallMike is right.
1:04 pm

Any tips on movie selections to self-isolate with?
2:45 pm

THANK YOU TALL MIKE!! I love the game but hate the chat.
4:30 pm

My vote would be for pleasant chinwagging rather than political headbutting. It's important to talk politics, but it's also important to put differences aside sometimes and have space away from politics. <3
6:32 pm

Thank you TallMike!
7:40 pm

Well said TallMike !!! I too love this game, but sometimes it gets way too political … peace
8:02 pm

Fun Hard puzzle … took 2 guesses … but done :)