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Difficulty: Easy Friday, February 28, 2020

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CHAT LOG for Friday, February 28, 2020

12:34 am

Done had to find the key to unlock this easy
2:16 am
Grandma Barb

Helen, I hope you are right. This virus needs to be contained and it appears no one in charge is able to do it.
4:59 am

Kaosangel, I'm somewhat perplexed. I would describe my politics as very centred, certainly a long way from the extremes of far left and far right. And you completely missed what I said. I said your media is very biased, either one way or the other. There seems very little media coming from the USA that I would describe as challenging all sides of politics. Here in Australia, our TV media, more than print of social media, actually challenges all sides to explain and debate. We have fabulous programs such as Q and A on the ABC that has a wide range of guests who answer questions from a wide range of the public, moderated by a presenter who will pull them up if they try to dodge the question. You need debate, not stupid herd mentality rallies like the dictators of old preaching to the converted. All you end up there is what you're getting, polarised extremes that are incapable of having a debate.
5:07 am

I watched the fabulous handmaids tale and years and years on tv. They are brilliant insights into the not so far futures if governments are unchecked.
12:08 pm

Hey Capt, thanks. Reminding us why we are here brought back distant memories, I married a woman with some great kids and first order of business was trading in the Mustang for a Buick station wagon. Kids loved it & started calling it the Starship Enterprise. One morning I noticed the kids playing a game and asked what they were playing. Tammy said Startrek. Oh, really? Yeah. Barry’s Capt. Slog. Capt. Slog? Yeah, come on. You know Capt. Slog... Capt. Slog, Stardate 29775...
1:34 pm

love the story, jackt. So nice to have something in this chog make me smile.
2:46 pm

4:36 pm

Love it, jackt
5:51 pm

A bit slow. 16.
7:11 pm

I am bemused by the Trump supporters here who cannot name one of his "accomplishments". "Trump 2020" isn't discussion, it's an empty slogan.
8:44 pm

Here's something to hopefully make you smile bugs, a new sportsbet ad on Australian TV, I don't condone gambling but this is pretty funny.\n=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEw\ni0xKuT3vXnAhWd4nMBHaZMDxkQwqsBMAB6BAgKEAQ&url\\ngAd9cvtsyDM&usg=AOvVaw0J2uqxUJLiVEJVoo-8EoJE