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Difficulty: Expert Wednesday, July 17, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, July 17, 2019

4:51 am

"It's not possible to be racist against white people" You have to love the lack of logic or intelligence displayed by liberals, else the pity for them would be overwhelming.
5:06 am

g/ng - interesting with lots of chains that ended in a contradiction
6:37 am

6:45 am

A nice challenge. The third chain I tried was the one that worked.
6:51 am

6:58 am

An article in the Economist from last year that explores this question of who can be the target of racism. Recent instances of this controversy are interesting.

My opinion, after reading this article, is that reverse racism is a silly construct. When one is judging or acting against another on the basis of their race or ancestry it is simply racism. (Minorities anger at a majority, or previously majority, group that has oppressed them is understandable but that doesn't mean it isn't also racist). And this is just my opinion.
7:37 am

My mum always brought me up believing that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Passion is important but so is compassion. Until you have walked a mile in their shoes you can never understand what someone has been through.
7:37 am

7:48 am

ding, first guess
7:59 am

Made one right guess and it fell like a house of cards, really easy!
10:34 am

10:46 am

davepeele - You would be wrong in your answer. I can stand up right here, right now & tell you that my mother, at 17, was grabbed off the street, taken to another country, where they spoke another language & forced to work in the fields, without pay. That's called SLAVE LABOR. It happened to my mother. Also, being in a Siberian Labor Camp, where you have nothing to do but move 'pile A of rocks' to 'point B' & vice versa, while being starved and frozen to death. That happened to my father. Slavery is not inherent to the USA. I spent every day with these people & they had to tell me everything that happened, because NEVER AGAIN. There are first generation, like me, all over the world, due to the Polish diaspora. Millions. It should never, today in this world, be them or us. It's wrong & shows nothing has been learned from history.
1:55 pm

Oh God Angelica. You let KT change the subject to one of his favorites, which is essentially "lookit how emotional libruls are! They're the real racists here and I'm the real victim!"
5:59 pm

7:23 pm

I am not a victim. I will never be a victim. That is my point. And rereading my posts, I fail to see where I discussed emotionalism of "libruls" what ever that is. I did not call a group of people racist, that is what Angelica did.