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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, June 6, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, June 6, 2019

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Alcohol, tobacco, diet mostly affect the user and not others (at least health-wise)....Guns however kill others. Hardly good comparisons
1:09 am

ty Stewart - I was just about to say the same thing. Also, why is gun control "draconian"?
2:15 am

Because you can kill anybody with anything.
5:06 am

All (other) civilized countries have strict gun control laws. They are just common sense. If you'd call such laws "draconic" in this country people'd think there is something wrong with you.
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MrO wise words as always. About to start watching Handmaids Tale new season. Not far off becoming a documentary in parts of the US I reckon.
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I'm reminded of a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi when asked about Western Civilization that "it might be a good idea". The definition of civilized is non-static. It seems to me that limiting or eliminating those things that harm or kill others is movement towards being more civilized.

One little quibble. Tobacco does not only harm the smoker. There is an area affect and second hand smoke is quite dangerous. There is a greater distance for alcohol as drunk driving kills others but requires something more, an auto, to achieve harm.

There are already limitations on weapons in the United States. I am neither allowed to possess a hand grenade nor a nuclear rocket (and rightly so). The question is where the line is drawn. The NRA pushes for nearly unlimited access to weapons; the rest of the Western world finds this uncivilized and I and many other Americans concur. Armor piercing bullets, automatic weapons, large clips, silencers, and bump stocks are among the things that do not make sense for ordinary citizens.
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According to the CDC, the leading cause of death in America for children (those under 18) is car crashes - many of which are caused by impaired drivers. So let's ban drinking first.
11:04 am

And driving.
11:08 am

While we are at it - the leading cause of preventable death in America is tobacco use and its calamitous effects on those who use it. Not to mention the terrible dietary habits of children in America. This is not to justify guns or gun deaths - they are horrible. But there are so many other more effective ways to save children's lives. Quote from CDC website "Of the 20,360 deaths among children and teens that year, motor vehicle crashes accounted for 4,074 lives lost and one-fifth of all deaths, while firearm-related injuries resulted in 3,143 deaths, or about 15 percent of total fatalities."
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the year they are referencing is 2016 which is when the latest data are available
12:36 pm

One pretty good pair. 16.
4:35 pm

Exactly why are you so opposed to gun control KT. Do you think your home or country is going to be invaded? Changed gun laws can have an pretty immediate effect in reducing murders in your country. And compared to all the other things you are suggesting tackling first is pretty straight forward and quick.
10:55 pm

Not true Stewart - It will take a constitutional amendment for any radical change in national firearm laws. I oppose gun control because it is unconstitutional and, in America, completely ineffective. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country yet dozens are killed there monthly. California has gun laws that are extremely strict, yet there have been mass shootings there.
11:03 pm

If I lived in Australia I might feel differently, but I don't. I live in America. I grew up hunting and shooting. It is one reason I live in Arizona because the gun laws here are more in line with the 2nd Amendment. Frankly, nothing you can say will convince me to change my mind. I have my guns, my friends have guns, we love to hunt and love to shoot. Every weapon I have was purchased legally. I have been through numerous background checks and also have a concealed carry license as well has military and tactical training. Nearly every legal gun owner and hunter I know has similar training. Just because some mentally deranged jerk kills people with a gun does not mean guns should be banned no more than a drunk killing people with a car means alcoholic drinks and cars should be banned.
11:05 pm

And for the record - alcohol and cars kill many more people than guns do in America. And don't even mention tobacco - especially cigarettes - which I despise and would vote for a total prohibition in a heartbeat.