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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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I would like TallMike's definition of "success". Is it something that makes the US better in some way? Or is it something that he's done that he promised to do, regardless of whether it helps the country.
11:35 am

Diane, for the purpose of answering the questions I asked Phil, whatever you recognize as being a genuine success will be fine.
1:11 pm

Plenty of opportunity for unique rectangles, if that's what you like. But I thought I'd dog it out without them, and that worked too. 16.
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KT, I never claimed that all racists are Republicans. If you look further back in our chat you will see a link to a psychology article that goes into why most of us are racists without realizing that we are. As to how racist the Governor of Virginia is, it is clear that he was when he was in college. Can he change? Did he change? Those are fair questions. I'm not in a good position to judge.

As to Representative Omar, I would suggest thatshe seems a racist if you pull her comments out of context. If you listen to her entire talks she seems far more balanced and reasonable. Undoubtedly uncomfortable for any Islamophobes.
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TallMike, from the perspective of success in the world stage, which is somewhat important given it's the richest most powerful nation and supposed to be a shining example of democracy, unfortunately the score card is far from success.
11:16 pm

I think I will have to look for success in America. Now that's probably all Trump ultimately cares about. Some of you may argue quite right too. Sadly that is to me a huge indication of selfishness. We are in a global economy and conflict and extremism stem primarily from being downtrodden and having nothing. We are a human race and the world is a fabulous place when we all get along. One of the reasons us Aussies and Kiwis believe its the best part of the world to live in. Trump is decisive and clearly unpopular around the world. I lumped him in with unpleasant leaders because that's precisely what is is on the world stage. Domestically he may be popular, but I think that if he's ultimately supported to win another election, I fear the world will have had enough of him and Americans will have to take responsibility for that. At the moment, it is felt your electoral system is just bizarre and nobody actually thought he'd win. A second time, you won't be forgiven.
11:25 pm

But TM I will endeavour to look at his domestic success and see if I can find something I would agree with. Probably cutting bureaucracy would be number 2. (Except where it blatantly denies environmental checks for example)
11:29 pm

I would urge you all to watch the whole of Prime Minister Arderns speech and replies to questions at the school in Christchurch this morning. Yet another fine example of a true leader of a nation. Trump is so far removed from this ability it really is amazing to us all that you don't see it. Unfortunately I doubt any of his supporters would even take the time to listen to her speak. NZ you are a lucky people to have her. Is it any coincidence that she is a woman? Maybe not, but I think Julie Bishop would have been very similar.
11:29 pm

Off to work