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Difficulty: Expert Monday, January 21, 2019

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CHAT LOG for Monday, January 21, 2019

1:02 am

I think Knight Time, the comparison is something worth Americans looking at because they get a very raw deal as workers compared to most Western countries. As employees you are treated as a commodity rather than the most crucial component of the company. You are being taken for a ride by big businesses and certainly your government. It's absolutely disgraceful that Trump and less so the Democrats are using federal employees as pawns in their political games. Their behaviour, mainly Trump is utterly reprehensible. Is there anything that could set a snap election? You seem to be locked into a cycle of ineffective government for 2 out of every 4 years.
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Done 1 guess
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well, lets give it a go
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done, first guess
10:17 am

Phil, perhaps my experience in the work place is unusual, but I don't think so. Other than my military experience, I have worked in the private sector all of my life. I have been with the company I work for for 19+ years. They treat me extremely well - 5 weeks paid vacation, 401K, great health insurance, dental, eye, even alternative medicine - e.g. acupuncture. While I may be a commodity, it certainly does not feel that way. It is a small company with a diverse workforce including diversity in gender, sexual orientation and race. This is all made possible by the capitalistic system and its entrepreneurial encouragement. As far as changing the political system in America, that is possible. The constitution provides two methods for change - amendments and convention. If America wants to change it can - but only if a super majority of people and the states desire it.
10:24 am

I have worked for charities, government departments, and in the private sector. ^ weeks paid leave per year, paid maternity leave, 6 months sick leave on full pay, 6 further months sick leave on half pay (and boy was I grateful not to have to work whilst having cancer treatments!). I don't need the health insurances because medical treatment is free here.I feel very sorry for US citizens who dont have health insurance. I choose to have private dental insuance at £20 per month because I really like the particular dentist I have and it isn't too expensive for me to pay as it covers all dental work including crowns and bridges. What happens to you if the company who employs you goes bust, and you get ill???
10:29 am

digonda, if the company goes bust, I find another job.
2:17 pm

Obviously KnightTime does very well for himself and good on him. However I remember seeing a program on the not-so-fortunate in the US ie woman living in motel room with her mother looking after 2 small children whilst she worked 3 jobs (she managed 2 hours sleep in between each job)and another large family living in a tent in a small church yard - the whole yard was filled with tents and families - they had come to the small city to find work. You hear about people on wages of a few dollars an hour ! I don't know how these people survive but then I don't understand how the social security works in the US. If they get sick is there any safety net - or do they just wither away/die? Obviously they do not have money for hospital care or the like.
2:18 pm

Or maybe things have improved since then under The Donald.
2:57 pm

I think I am the rule, not the exception, here in the US. While the middle class is shrinking, it is still the majority portion of the US population, and compared to most of the rest of the world, has a standard of living that is exceptional. But, no argument here, there are people in the US (and really everywhere in every country) who are suffering, with very few choices, and even less hope.
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5:31 pm

Well, seeing as how KT has been steadily employed in a job he may or may not like of almost 20 years accounts why he would say he thinks he's the rule. Believe you me, he is not. When was the last time he stepped into an unemployment office, jumped through all the hoops to get a government job or any job for that matter, when was the last time he was at a public aid office, or visited a school in a middle class neighborhood in the city? This is how capitalism has ruined this nation and given the almighty dollar eternal center stage.
5:49 pm

I have never been in an unemployment office or a government aid office. I have been employed since I was 15yrs old - I am 65 now. Some jobs were horrible, others were better. It is because of capitalism that I had the opportunity to work. As far as school, I went to public schools my whole life. I went to an intercity high school in Indiana during the 70s. Race riots were not unusual. My kids went to public school in Tucson and my grandkids go to public schools now in Marana, AZ. So maybe 2 weeks ago I was at a public school. According to this report\nicans-qualify-as-middle-class.html 50% of the population still qualify economically as middle class.