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Difficulty: Easy Wednesday, June 27, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, June 27, 2018

12:19 am

Was that Trump in Fargo? He played the guy who put Buscemi in the wood chipper? ;-)
12:31 am

Done, no green.
12:40 am

Some want the right to refuse service based on sexual preference and other "moral" grounds yet are threatened and cry foul when they are shamed and shunned and refused service. Some illegally use their position to cry foul and yet are not held accountable. Some lie, run over marchers, chant the Jews will not replace us threaten 2nd amendment solutions yet are offended when those who stand up to them practice civil disobedience.
12:47 am

Sorry wrong choice of words. Orientation not preference.
5:14 am

tuco, you're describing leftists no? Always crying about fairness and peace but since they lack facts or decency they resort to violence and abuse towards anyone who is not lock step with their beliefs. If you catch leftists alone, without a mob and media to protect them they resort to safe spaces and invent another gender.
5:16 am

'Leftists' are clearly very different in your country than mine Kaosangel. Here, they tend not to resort to abuse, or violence. We leave that to the far right fascists.
5:24 am

5:43 am

Gotta be tough being an American these days. What tribe ya gonna join? Who ya gonna hate? Decisions Decisions.
5:51 am

I enjoy discussions here, but would like all to consider Michelle Obama's mantra: When they go low, we go high. I would have served Sanders. Her politice are despicable. She lies daily to the American public, and knows it. But I would have served her, likely pulling her to the side to quietly express my concerns. I respect, though, the right of business owners to reject customers, provided it's not based on race, creed, color, disability, or sexual identity.
6:23 am

6:43 am

quite easy one today, but rather pretty in its solution
9:37 am

Have a good day everyone!
10:38 am

No kaos. Calling out right wing hypocrisy. Paul Ryan celebrating a baker who wouldn't serve Joe Biden. Like all bullies can dish it out but can't take it. Pppppbbbbtttt. Snowflake. Hehehe
10:45 am

Tuco, would you force a gay baker to decorate a cake with Leviticus 18:22?
10:49 am

I'm for freedom of religion, meaning you get to practice what you believe, not just keep it to yourself. I'm also for freedom of association, so I support the right of the owner of the Red Hen not to serve Sarah Sanders. It is probably not the best business decision she has ever made, but sometimes standing on principle is costly. It just shouldn't be illegal.
11:20 am

More good news:
12:05 pm

B.T.W. Tuco, the "law" that separates parents and children, is not really a law. It is the Flores Settlement (1997) which decrees that children cannot be kept in immigration detention centers for more than 20 days. Since requests for asylum often take more than that it causes the problem of what to do with the children. This was not a big problem for Obama since he just let everyone go. Trump, promised to enforce our immigration laws and now the media and the left are cynically using this issue to impede Trump's defense of our borders.
12:10 pm

Nobody is for separating children from their parents, so here's the question. Who should be blamed for the problem? The President for enforcing the laws or the parents of the children who are using them like human shields to try to enter the US illegally?
12:15 pm

The Flores Settlement says that children must be released to an appropriate guardian "without unnecessary delay" and that if no legal guardian is available, they must be kept in "the least restrictive environment" appropriate for their age.

That's pretty much it. Why people keep bringing this up as justification for this nonsense is beyond me.
12:30 pm

Human beings, fleeing from violence, requesting asylum, called by the President "criminals" and "rapists", their children torn away for weeks or months. Who is to blame? We are. And we should be ashamed.
12:45 pm

drwho has explained that he doesn't believe that they're fleeing from violence, because he's not aware of any violence.

I don't know how widespread this attitude is, but I am starting to suspect that one of the markers of this brand of conservatism is a lack of curiosity about, or interest in, world events.
12:49 pm

This brand of populism, I should say. There's not much "conservative" about today's Republican party.
12:51 pm

Samantha - is your icon a painting of your kitty?
12:52 pm

Nope, it's just an image I enjoy. I'm a dog person, really.
12:53 pm

Me, too. But it is a beautiful image.
12:53 pm

Thank you!
12:58 pm

JudyHall - My 'head in the sand' comment was basically directed at the person who called me out for hiding behind a label, and then when I explained, in only very mildly gruesome detail, what that entailed, well, he was not to be heard from again - hence, head in the sand. Head in the sand, in my book, also applies to anyone who withholds support on this topic, or attempts to shut me down. I thank you for your support. I will, also at the same time, emphasize the part about withholding support - not out of selfishness for me, but due to the narrowmindedness of so many. Sorry if I came across too brash, but one cannot speak about refugees in the same sentence while saying they don't want to hear about TG-PTSD. This is exactly what is happening here, today, in this country. Each one of these kids will be scarred psychologically forever. Different point: I have said before, and will say it again: This is mostly dead chat, so when people want to fill it up with whatever, I'm all for it. I've managed to ignore conversations on the amount of fish caught off different shores, various fishing laws, words peculiar to Australians, soccer, all kinds of things. This is what I meant by if you don't like it, don't pay attention to it.
1:00 pm

It is often difficult to read the written word without adding one's own inflections, which may or may not have been what the author intended. Taking a strong stand on TG-PTSD here. That's it, that's all I'm doing. Not out to intentionally hurt anyone.
1:45 pm

@drwho - "Nobody is for separating children from their parents, so here's the question." No sir there is no question left. That's the whole point all the time - being humane or not.

"Nobody is for gassing jews, but I have a question for you". No sir, you have nor right to ask any more qusetions.
2:03 pm

"drwho has explained that he doesn't believe that they're fleeing from violence, because he's not aware of any violence."

Denial of reality doesn't change that reality. The fact is that the US is failing to be hospitable to strangers. Shame!
2:04 pm

MrO, thank you.
2:38 pm

MrO, you are correct, there is no question.

Which begs the question that this "law" that drwho is claiming is being enforced does not, in fact, exist.
3:12 pm

There's none so blind as those who will not see. I've given up trying to reason with the unreasonable.
3:38 pm

Even Greater NEWs!!!
3:44 pm

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E.D ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
3:56 pm

4:00 pm

And for @KT I recommend two books, so he might see the world in a more - lets say- correct historical persepctive. The first is Bloodlands by Timothy Snyder. The second one is Year zero, a hitory of 1945 by Ian Buruma.
4:05 pm

- hiStory -
4:06 pm

Read Bloodlands
4:07 pm

WIll look for the other one
4:11 pm

Exactly how you determined I need my historical perspective corrected is a mystery to me. I do not know you and you do not know me. So you are basing your diagnosis of me on an extremely limited sampling of my written words in this chog - some serious, most of it intentionally provocative.
4:38 pm

Well KT if Corker, Flake, etal get a spine whoever Hair Furor nominates wont be confirmed. They are the only thing before November keeping us from turning full Oligarchy.
5:23 pm

EZest PZest. Fast clicker. 8.
9:15 pm

Tuco, KT has just defined himself as a provocateur. Methinks you are feeding the trolls.