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Difficulty: Expert Saturday, March 24, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Saturday, March 24, 2018

12:24 am

Done. 3 guesses.
12:32 am

Done, 3 guesses
12:35 am

God bless you JudyHall - Your devotion and strength humbles me.
1:18 am

Thank you all for your kind words; prayers and kind thoughts are always much appreciated. @TallMike, I ordered the Kindle version of the book you recommended. And on a lighter note, look out @KnightTime, because soon I hope to catch you in the rankings.
1:42 am

And I also wanted to say Thank You for explaining about "greens" and "URs", as both concepts (especially repeated usage of the greens javascript) make puzzle solving go more smoothly for me.
1:44 am

Thoughts are with you JH, and do remember, you will look after others best when you have looked after yourself first.
1:44 am

1:47 am

2:32 am

back to it
2:43 am

ding, second guess
3:41 am

Much respect Judy
4:57 am

Done 1 guess
5:17 am

6:51 am

JH, tough road, and you seem strong. As others have said, take care of yourself, too.
10:32 am

I think we all have more respect for you for the strength you have in your situation. Just know that we are all backing you with moral support and prayers.
10:43 am

I'm curious about how everyone keeps track of any guesses you might make in a hard or expert puzzle. The style I developed for myself is to open a Notepad file and choose one of the two possible numbers (a or b) that belong in a specific cell like this:

#a CellPosition v #b

7 top right (top middle) v 8
8 top right (top middle) is correct
10:47 am

Judy, That's the correct way to guess. The trick is to make sure you've gotten as many numbers filled in as possible cause sometimes the guesses just lead to other guesses.'
1:20 pm

Judy, I complete the puzzle until I need to make a guess. Next I save the puzzle and make a best guess and see how far it takes me. If my logic is wrong I go back to the saved point.
1:30 pm

Hi Judy. If I need to make a guess I put that number in a different color and save the puzzle. If I'm wrong, I just go back to my "saved" and pick another number.
1:31 pm

Obviously I delete the guessed number :-)
1:34 pm

Judy, I went through same with my parents. Your words of knowing the road ahead leads only to death resonated with me. This is found the hardest, but gave me strength too. Often I feel the human body has been overly programmed to 'survive no matter what.' It's horrible to watch the mental decline. So many people say 'this is not the person I knew' and walk away, turn to nursing homes. You have my admiration.
2:40 pm

JudyHall, the future is never certain even if parts of it play out as predicted.

If you don't like the beginning of the book I suggested, you might want to read the Afterword (near the end) first. I found it very helpful to change my perspective.
6:14 pm

I like the idea of using a RED number in the cell (by using the ALT key) and then saving the checkpoint. That's seems a lot faster than all the typing I've been doing in NotePad before saving the checkpoint. Thanks @111Eggs !
6:24 pm

@TallMike, am hoping to take a look at the book you recommended in the near future, but I'm quite behind in my reading.

@helenkeller, years ago we discussed circumstances under which DNR would be appropriate, and these are reflected in our end-of-life healthcare directives
9:36 pm

As was recently pointed out by JudyHall, the puzzles in the archives are numbered consecutively and so the fastest and easiest way to move from one day's puzzle to the next is to add 1 to the number in the URL (or subtract 1 if you are working backwards). Here are some more tips for finding what you want in the archives without waiting for the index to load.
9:36 pm

When you first open IronSudoku, the current day's puzzle is displayed and the URL does not contain a puzzle number. However you can almost instantly go to any puzzle you want if you know its number in the sequence. First switch from today's puzzle to a different recent puzzle like this: click on Archives and immediately select any puzzle in the top line of the index. Note that the URL now includes the puzzle number. Change it to the puzzle number you want and go to that new URL, enjoying the instant response. Click on Play This Puzzle and you're all set.
9:37 pm

There is something else worth noting about this method of navigating around the archives: it allows you to see the chat log for that day in history (before you click on Play This Puzzle). From that screen you can move to earlier or later chat logs by changing the number in the URL. This is very useful if you want to reread a thread which has spanned several days, or even several weeks. The pages load in the blink of an eye, even if you go right back to the start of IronSudoku.