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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, March 1, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, March 1, 2018

12:10 am

Done. ng,ng.
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Done too easy
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5:34 am

If everyone keeps up the pressure tuco, maybe common sense will prevail. I've been pleasantly surprised that Trump made comments about standing up to the NRA. I applaud him for that. I reckon it will take you a change of generation in the supreme court to finally get some meaningful gun laws in place.
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6:12 am

Phil, my mother had a favorite saying about a politician she was not fond of: "His tongue is tied in the middle and wags at both ends." That's Trump. Yesterday he may comment about stand up to the NRA; tomorrow he's their best friend. Look what he did about the Dreamers.
6:25 am

I was watching a video two days ago. This is what an AR15 can do. If that is not fully automatic I obviously don't know what is.
6:31 am

And that round clip. WTF??? When using that round clip what is the difference between the AR and a banned Thompson machine gun? Oh I know. The NRA wasn't a shill for the gun industry back in the 1930's
8:57 am

Tuco, the you tube video you reference specifically says they are running the AR-15 full auto. They use an M-16 lower which means they have the military version of the trigger mechanism. You or I can legally possess a full auto gun if we go through the paper work and pay the $200 dollar license fee. However, the hardware is considerably more expensive and none of the guns used in the recent mass shootings were full auto.
9:04 am

Here's a link with an AR-15 like most people have, a semi-automatic:\n?v=v3gf_5MR4tE
This guy is very fast. But most people might not be able to pull the trigger as fast as he does. Even if they could they would not have anything near his accuracy. The recoil causes the barrel to rise and in general throws off your accuracy.
9:41 am

Just a question here and truly not being argumentative...just want to be more informed. So, the media has been extremely vocal about banning guns to decrease the violence that is rampant throughout our country. How then can they treat the two female shop owners as hero's when their encounter with an armed robber ended with them shooting him at least twice on camera? I say good for them by the way.
12:34 pm

Fast as I could click. 9.
4:01 pm

Judy, it may be that the media view is that the issue of fighting back against male-on-female violence outweighs the gun ban issue. I expect that the two apparently conflicting ideas will eventually combine into a demand that all men give up their guns first before any women have to do the same. That would be social justice, media style.
6:11 pm

6:29 pm

Just finished the 2014 puzzles and am starting on 2013 ... Many thanks to Montreal13 and TallMike and others for their encouragement, as I diligently attempt to leave the Regulars for the Pros.
6:50 pm

oops ... make that finished the 2013 puzzles and am starting on the 2012 puzzles ... sorry (didn't proofread very well)
11:00 pm

There has never been any talk of taking guns away from citizens for self-defense or hunting. Whether you are a shop owner or have a hand gun or rifle or shotgun in your home no one is talking about taking away those kinds of guns or your right to have one.
11:05 pm

The only people who talk about grabbing your guns as in Obama is going to take away your guns, Hillary is going to take away your guns are the NRA. And now President Trump. He wants to take away your guns and then do due process. Wake up. Stop being tools of the gun industry and the NRA. The NRA who supported stricter gun laws up until the 70s when they were taken over by the far right insurgent group fully backed by the manufacturers. Before that the NRA and the courts had never heard or thought about the 2nd Amendment as a right for the general population to be armed. It is totally a marketing ploy to sell more units by relaxing regulation and ginning up fear.
11:13 pm

What will result in the taking of and banning of guns in this country is the NRA, the manufacturers and the Republican Party's inability to compromise and enact stricter gun control. Public opinion will turn against them. It is inevitable.