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Difficulty: Expert Friday, February 16, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Friday, February 16, 2018

12:31 am

2:15 am

The Fatal Shore KnightTime does look to be an accurate and well researched book about the beginnings of modern day Australia. I was privileged to visit Port Arthur in Tasmania December 2016. Highly recommend it, brilliant tour guides, very moving and informative. Incidentally if you do go there, please respect the fact that although there is a memorial to the Port Arthur massacre, many of the guides grew up with it and feel it should not be talked about more than peaceful recollection. It's still very saddening for them. The convict part is so good.
2:19 am

Whilst it is part of Australias history, Australia today is thankfully far removed from those early days. It is a shining example to modern multiculturalism and although there is still much to be ashamed of in our history there is also much to be proud of. Like all good democracies we learn from our mistakes and are willing to change for the better. There is also still much to be done, especially with our indigenous population.
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2:27 am

1 restart 1 guess
5:32 am

5:47 am

done... good challenge
6:03 am

finally done, 4th guess I think
6:51 am

done the 14th expert, like buses, none for ages then 3 at once.
8:11 am

The fact that America won't increase stricter gun control absolutely baffles me at this stage. How many more children are going to have to die?