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Difficulty: Hard Friday, January 5, 2018

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CHAT LOG for Friday, January 5, 2018

12:01 am

oooh, a hard puzzle. Makes a pleasant change. Start
12:08 am

12:09 am

12:10 am

Nice puzzle. Gets the brain ticking just enough to enjoy the beer accompaniment
12:23 am

12:23 am

12:25 am

5:28 am

done... first "hard" in quite a while
6:04 am

drwho, why are you using the magnetic field or the orbit of the moon which was created after the earth was to date the age of the earth? I thought the most precise measurement was carbon dating of rocks and minerals? And that has set a lower limit of 4.3 billion years. The earth is older than that because it has to be older than anything resting on its surface.\nhtml
6:07 am

Oh and Right On Mr O!! Not for any sense of winning, but for clear headed and intelligent comment. But what would you expect from a world famous Go Player?
7:18 am

Would scalp reduction surgery tend to make someone suspicious of Native Americans?
7:18 am

That was meant as a joke btw. ;-)
7:38 am

drwho your 12:54 post about the age of the earth and your 12:58 post about assumptions and conclusions were perfectly placed. Your assumption that an accurate dating of the Earth can be done using the magnetic field or the orbit of the moon created a conclusion that the Earth could possibly be Biblically aged. This ignores the assumption and proven conclusions that the Magnetic Field and the Moon are both younger than their Mother Earth from which both were created.
8:48 am

When was the last one of this difficulty? Hard to remember.
9:04 am

Once the greens were dropped in, solved rather simply, as there are lots of singletons and pairs.
9:29 am

Mr. O, you are right math and physics make no assumptions about the existence of God. They simply don't pretend to be able to answer such questions. The scientific method excludes the possibility of discovering God because it only deals with the observable.
9:30 am

FYI, Plato believed numbers and math were created.
9:37 am

God is the first cause. He just is. If you don't have God, then you have something else as the first cause. Perhaps the laws of physics always existed, and they explain everything. You and I disagree about what is the first cause, but I think you have to admit that there is a first cause or else you fall victim to the same logical paradox.
9:39 am

Ionibelle, if evolution is happening, show me. You can't because it happens at such a slow pace nobody in recorded history has observed a new species evolve. On the other hand we observe species going extinct every year!
9:49 am

Tuco, the current decay rate of the earth's magnetic field extrapolated back in time about 20,000 years gives a field strength so large that life on earth would be impossible.
9:52 am

The moon's orbit is gradually getting larger because of tidal forces. Based on the known rate of recession of the moon, 1.3 billion years ago the moon would have been within the Roche limit and we would have no moon because tidal forces would have torn it apart.
10:29 am

I think today's hard was easier than yesterday's medium, not that either of them was easy. My scoring program rates them almost even, 31 for today's hard and 30 for yesterday's medium.
12:14 pm

This is the problem drwho. You are using a Creationists clock to age the Magnetic Field. It is a flawed measuring device. It is wrong. Google Magnetic Field Age. It has no basis in scientific evidence.
12:14 pm

"I have a friend who just got back from the Soviet Union, and told me the people
there are hungry for information about the West. He was asked about many
things, but I will give you two examples that are very revealing about life in
the Soviet Union. The first question he was asked was if we had exploding
television sets. You see, they have a problem with the picture tubes on color
television sets, and many are exploding. They assumed we must be having
problems with them too. The other question he was asked often was why the
CIA had killed Samantha Smith, the little girl who visited the Soviet Union a
few years ago; their propaganda is very effective.
-- Victor Belenko, MiG-25 fighter pilot who defected in 1976
"Defense Electronics", Vol 20, No. 6, pg. 100
12:18 pm

Of course God exists. God is everything, Everything is God, God exists, God doesn't exist. God is all beings, God is love. God is Evil, God is Good. God created Evil, God created itself. God is, God is not. God is irrelevant, God is relevant. God is. God is your ability to imagine God. God is your ability not to imagine God. God is whoever told you about God is and whoever told them what God is, etc. God is recursion.
12:26 pm

The Soviet Union quote below came out of the Linux fortune program upon startup of a shell.
12:34 pm
12:53 pm

Who are the truly arrogant? Those who claim that everything known to Man was created by their God, or those who claim not to understand something unknowable and seek to explain it through rigorous examination and testing? You can attribute the seeking to explain it through rigorous examination and testing to "a gift from God" but you can't deny those discoveries if it runs counter to your religious or political beliefs.
1:52 pm

drwho obviously, a very different "kind" of animal is beyond the scope of direct observation; though the fossil record is full of evolutionary proof. however, this might interest you:\nhes-evolve-into-new-species-in-real-time-two-\ngenerations-galapagos
4:08 pm

Well Judy, I hope you're happy now. You've managed to get them completely off politics & now we
4:09 pm

e getting these great debates on religion, math, etc. Please add my name to the carbon dating crowd. Thanks :)
8:06 pm