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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, November 16, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, November 16, 2017

12:26 am

12:31 am

Done. ng, ng.
5:49 am

9:06 am

ngng but at least a little challenging. I'd be curious to see what the DrWho number is on this is.
9:30 am

9:39 am

9:43 am

EZPZ, nothing special. 10.
10:00 am

"The majority of mass shooters in the U.S. are White Male Christians"
You can state a lie all you want, it doesn't make it any more true. It does make me think less of you, though. But I don't really think terribly high of you anyway, so I doubt you care.
10:04 am

"They are Christian because if they were not it would have been mentioned."

LOL. The amount of mental gymnastics you have to pull off to back up a BS claim is pretty impressive.
10:08 am

I also find it entertaining that the same people that claim that the majority of mass shooters are white (they are) love to quote mass shooting numbers that change the demographic to a majority of black males.

Not saying tuco is doing this, but people love to quote Mother Jones' mass shooting numbers to say it happens all the time, but ignore that using a really lax definition of "mass shooting" changes who commits them.
11:00 am

1Hammer - good points. In September a Christian man (who was black) shot up a church and killed 1 person, wounded 7. This was reported as a "mass shooting" by NBC news and other outlets. So, I am wondering now, how is mass shooting defined? BTW, it was reported that this guy was a Christian which challenges Tuco's assertion, "They are Christian because if they were not it would have been mentioned."
4:22 pm

White christian males have an awfully lot to answer for. If they managed to clam up, the world would likely be a better place, and this Jew could relax while she worked on her puzzle.
5:46 pm

I thought everyone used the FBI definition of 4 or more people shot at one location, not related to the shooter and with no time in between. So people who go on a spree and shoot people over days or weeks are serial killers. And people who shoot their entire family are also in another category?
7:21 pm