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Difficulty: Medium Monday, November 13, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Monday, November 13, 2017

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Drwho the cars will soon be automated, taking the poor judgement of people out of the equation resulting in far fewer deaths. Even if you die as a result of a heart attack you will not be colliding with someone else.
3:45 am

Or will that infringe on the peoples right to kill others using their cars and so get banned.
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4:26 am

Again a logical fallacy, drwho. " were the solution in this last shooting." Yes, so what? iron lungs were once a solution, but now that we have removed polio amost completely from the western world we do not need them anymore. You confuse the stopping of one shooting with the prevention of all mass shooting.
5:50 am

6:47 am

Your example was indeed the case for America MrO, until the liberals started allowing all the illegals in, now we have all kinds of once defunct diseases reappearing, including polio. Speaking of liberals, notice that NONE of these shooters were conservative, let alone NRA members, but of the ones who claimed an ideology or party they were universally liberal and democrat.
6:47 am

Once guns, then will we ban knives, or acid as Britain? Perhaps vehicles. Sticks, rocks, and even harsh words.
6:49 am

Learn to protect yourselves instead of expecting the government to do it for you. There are bad people out there, you can't legislate that away.
7:16 am

I strongly recommend that no one knock on kaosangel's door to ask for directions.
10:19 am

DING. One Medium trick, not very hard to find. 18.
11:25 am

in this corner the recalcitrant left, in the other corner the intransigent right. Both are swinging but no one lands a knockout blow.
12:17 pm

Apply the logic of "Illinois' harsh gun control laws are foiled by Indiana
12:18 pm

's soft laws" and apply it to the United States and Mexico (where our previous president dumped a bunch of weapons) respectively.
12:19 pm

Guns would make it across the border and into only the hands of criminals, even if people could somehow create the Utopian gun-free America, it wouldn't last. Prohibition doesn't work in a country as free as the US.
12:29 pm

It feels so bizarre that you equate owning guns with freedom. As a Brit I'm much more appreciative of the freedom I have to walk the streets and not get shot at. I can't recommend it enough.
5:41 pm

1Hammer, I am not sure I follow your logic. I am not for banning all guns. I am also for a stronger control of the border. Are you saying there is nothing we can do? Obviously, we disagree; but I am honestly interested in solutions. Prohibition of something does not yield absolute results, but it does yield some, right? Also Kaosangel, please provide the name of one mass shooter in the last 20 years who was a registered Democrat other than James Hodgkinson? I know there is a meme floating around claiming that all sorts of people who were mass shooters were Democrats, but it has been disproven. What is true about mass shooters is that they had access to semi-automatic weapons.
7:42 pm