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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, November 2, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, November 2, 2017

12:14 am

Done. ng, ng.
12:16 am

3:33 am

two useless UR's
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8:29 am

easy as falling down
8:51 am

UPDATE--new Kindle keyboard works very well for Babble and to tyoe this message, but does NOT work for me to use greens (have no idea why since obviously the shift-key works ... sigh) Thoughts, anyone?
11:08 am

No idea Judy - I have an Amazon Fire but that is different from the Kindle.
11:14 am

Sounds like you will have to cut and paste like I do on my tablet....
11:19 am

Judy - what is your setup? What device, what keyboard, what are you trying to do and how are you trying to do it?
4:54 pm

Device is a KindleFire 8.9 HDX to which I just added the Belkin keyboard case (which connects to the KF via Bluetooth) so that I could play Iron Sudoku with "greens" by utilizing the Shift key the same way I do on my laptop. This is not critical for me, but I was curious why the Belkin keyboard's shift key works in writing text or entering words into Babble, but the shift key doesn't appear to be functional to add or remove "greens" in Iron Sudoku.
6:22 pm

Judy- Not sure if you are using a mouse also. i just tried it and I push down on the Shift key keeping this down I then left click on the square I want to add a green into and then left clicked again the number I want to go green. then to delete the green number you just left click in the square the green is in and chose clear. If you are not using a mouse then I have no idea.
6:30 pm

If I hadn't missed crosshatches, it would have been easy. 16.
7:05 pm

Zoomzoom, your description is exactly how I use the mouse with my laptop to add/delete greens. What precipitated this recent round of questions was how to work with greens on my KindleFire (an android device, with no mouse, no keyboard). From MrNate, I learned enough to acquire a Belkin keyboard case for my KindleFire, which makes it a lot easier to play the Babble grid on my Kindle, but for some reason, I have yet to be able to use the shift key on the Belkin Kindle keyboard (in conjunction with a stylus to choose the square/number) to add/delete greens in Iron Sudoku.
7:57 pm

Okay I have done a quick search on youtube and saw athing called a Hascodes 3.0 kernel that makes it possible to be able to use a wireless mouse and keyboard on the Kindle Fire. here is a link to the youtube video.
7:57 pm
7:58 pm

Not sure if that helps you at all. But I can not think of anything else. Hope you can get it how you want it, JudyHall :-)
8:07 pm

Thank you, zoomzoom. Not sure if adding a wireless mouse to the KindleFire will resolve my issue, because currently the stylus is acting (correctly) as a mouse already, and the problem seems to be that the Shift key on the keyboard doesn't invoke "greens". But I will check the video! For now, I'll happily continue playing Iron Sudoku on my laptop, and won't worry about using my Kindle Fire. It was just a fluke that I tried playing Iron Sudoku on the KF in the first place, amd O
9:59 pm

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