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Difficulty: Expert Sunday, October 8, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Sunday, October 8, 2017

12:28 am

Done. 1 guess.
12:47 am

Done, two guesses
1:14 am

1:26 am

man, i have such a love/hate relationship with this game
1:42 am

done. one guess.
5:43 am

g/ng - ater two URs and one coloring
6:14 am

9:12 am

No I don't think they are making illegal guns. So ramp up enforcement on guns where it is illegal to own them. Make owning certain types of guns illegal. Having more than a proscribed amount of ammo illegal, close the gun show loop hole, etc.. And enforce the laws.
9:46 am

For those who don't care about the potential for so many guns to be harming others, perhaps you should consider the harm that you are doing to yourselves. I'm not referring to self-inflicted wounds like literally shooting oneself in the foot (which really does happen, see\nagent-shoots-himself-in-foot-at-orlando-inter\nnational-airport.html).

Consider the danger from firing guns,\n10.1186/s12940-017-0246-0.

How dangerous is that?\n79/en/
9:51 am

To the previous conversation about "nut jobs". I usually think of any mass murderer with far harsher language. But the last two links that I posted might give one pause in considering the mental health of those arguing for an unlimited interpretation of gun ownership based on the 2nd Amendment.
2:10 pm

So I guess you want to make suppressors legal based on your health concerns?
2:11 pm

To the uninitiated, a suppressor is often erroneously called a silencer.
2:12 pm

In fact, I'm surprised there aren't health regulations requiring the use of suppressors in indoor ranges.
2:17 pm

How on Earth is a suppressor/silencer supposed to limit lead dust??!? Try reading the articles linked. They are not about noise.
2:17 pm

full metal jacket.
2:27 pm

Just so you understand. Concern for the health of shooters is admirable. Concern for a real health problem would be even better. There isn't a big problem with lead dust because most guns shoot ammo with a copper jacket around the lead. You can even get copper plated ammunition for your 22 if you are afraid of lead dust.
2:30 pm

So you are saying that the peer reviewed article from Environmental Health is wrong and there is no real health concern with lead at shooting ranges. Please pardon me for believing them and not you.
2:30 pm

2:32 pm

Its like the studies that found sugar substitutes caused cancer in lab rats.
2:39 pm

Ya know, scientists have replaced their lab rats with lawyers. They found that there were some things even a rat would not do.
2:40 pm

And besides, they got attached to the rats after a while.
2:47 pm

I'll just note that the Environmental Health article does not refer to rats or other rodents. It is a peer reviewed meta study of effects on human beings. But, hey, it's a free country and you are welcome to ignore the science and harm yourself.
2:49 pm

You can make anything into a problem if you try hard enough. But this problem already has a solution, so I'm just not worried.
7:09 pm

Have a horrible feeling Trump maybe the one to press the big red button and ignore all his advisors, world opinion, and be responsible for more deaths than even Americans who own guns. Probably a good time to delete his Twitter account - does public interest override threats of mass murder in which the person actually has the power to carry his threat out?
7:10 pm

Start yesterdays expert
7:12 pm

7:25 pm

Expert today??