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Difficulty: Easy Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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To the doubters of gun control, just a few comments. The 58 persons killed in the one incident was more than the TOTAL GUN RELATED DEATHS (excluding suicides) in AUSTRALIA IN THE WHOLE OF 2016. Since the Liberal (bit like your Republicans) Prime Minister introduced gun control after the Port Arthur massacre in28–29 April 1996 was a massacre in which 35 people were killed and 23 wounded, Australia has not had a mass shooting. That is over 21 years without one. This is not a coincidence. And you can still get guns here for sporting and recreational use or farmers on rural properties etc.
5:03 am

The shameful aspect is that you are effectively choosing not to save thousands of innocent lives every year.
5:04 am

something about it now, when on earth will it ever sink in that these deaths are preventable.
5:05 am

Europe did similar things and it worked there too.
5:06 am

Your polls are cowards, they do not do what is right, they do what keeps them in power.
5:07 am

The resolve of the federal and state parliaments in Australia was strong enough and brave enough to tackle the issue in a few weeks.
5:08 am

Sorry, meant to say your pollies, meaning politicians.
5:13 am

Phil your pontificating falsities. You fail to mention that anything can be used as a weapon, guns just scare you. You fail to mention, as does the liberal media that guns can be used to save lives, such as the church shooting that was stopped a week ago. You fail to mention that in America, that our most heavily gun controlled cities are also the most prone to gun violence, Chicago. You spout off tripe about giving the government control to keep you safe because you are the coward. Like all liberals you never let a crisis go to waste.
5:23 am

I'm certainly no liberal, but I think you have missed the points and the facts. I agree to the police having firearms and the right to own a firearm if you have a gun club to use it at or a farmer to control vermin or venomous snakes etc. Yes guns can save lives, but it is so rare in comparison to innocent deaths as to be negligible. A weapon other than a firearm are also in need of controlling depending on time place circumstance. Simple fact is, even a madman wielding a knife will only kill a few before being detained. You cannot compare it to a semi automatic weapon.
5:25 am

It takes courage not to have a firearm, and you are also far less likely to be killed even if the offender has one.
5:27 am

If you think I pontificate falsities, look up Port Arthur, Australian gun control laws by John Howard.
5:28 am

Reality is, you cannot or will not see it because it has become normal in the US. If you were as shocked and sickened by it as, I would hazard a guess, just about the rest of the world, you would see it's time for change.
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6:51 am

We will never have gun control here in the U.S. for the same reason our Postal Service does not use electric vehicles. Too much money at stake. So if you know anything about the U.S. it is this. Money Trumps Human Life.
6:53 am

You can wrap it up in 2nd Amendment rights bull crap, personal freedom, etc.. But the fact remains. We outlawed Tommy guns in the 30s, Reagan put in gun control in California after the Black Panthers marched armed. We can do it. But the NRA and gun manufacturing lobby have learned from their mistakes and will make damn sure it never happens again.
6:55 am

so kaosangel what do you think about the Hearing Protection Act which will remove restrictions on the sale and use of silencers. Pretty nice name, no?
9:34 am

"Like all liberals you never let a crisis go to waste" Should people let crises go to waste?