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Difficulty: Medium Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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CHAT LOG for Wednesday, September 13, 2017

12:17 am

Done. no guesses
12:22 am

Done. no guesses.
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2:41 am

Have to redo cos the website crashed, damn
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2:48 am

Just started watching the apple launch. Have to say, I am an apple fan because they have always been about people and design excellence not just throwaway products. Shame they don't pay their fair share of taxes.
2:50 am

The Steve Jobs Theatre is a beautifully designed building, love it. And the new workspace is a delightful environment.
3:25 am

ng ng
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7:25 am

Apple is evil and controlling. It is a closed system, and won't play in the sandbox except under its own rules. It's too aggressive with litigation and patents.
10:00 am

Apple is a brilliant innovator which was nearly destroyed several times by the monopolistic practices of its larger competitors. It has learned its lessons well and won't let its guard down again no matter what insults you hurl against it.
10:55 am

Apple is neither evil or good. It is a corporation. To assign moral adjectives to a non-living entity is absurd in the extreme.
10:56 am

The previous comment was typed on my iPad. :)
10:56 am

And now I am viewing them on my Dell PC
11:01 am

Three or four clever virtuals. 20.
1:39 pm

KnightTime, try telling that to the people who lost close relatives to lung cancer when the tobacco companies aggressively suppressed the truth about the clear and obvious statistical relationship between smoking and lung cancer.

A corporation is run by a group of people, or sometimes by one person. Calling a corporation morally bankrupt, for example, is a shorthand way of describing the collective behavior of the people who run the company. What is even remotely absurd about that?
1:55 pm

I have only purchased one Apple product an IPhone for my daughter. I have had PowerBooks and IPads furnished to me through work. My beef, outside of their corporate practices, is that they are fantastically overpriced. Their chargers are garbage, they change their connectors so you can't reuse add-ons. The Ipad was nothing new. Tablets had been around but weren't adopted by the public probably because the web was not as accessible via WiFi as it was when the IPad came out. OSX is nothing innovative. It was in it's earliest form a derivative of BSD. The only PowerBook I still have that work provided I wiped the drive and installed Fedora Linux. IMHO Apple is hugely overrated.
1:59 pm

"Corporations are People, my friend." :-)
2:57 pm

Soylent Green is people!
3:19 pm

Phil, you said "[Apple doesn't} pay their fair share of taxes." Help me out. What is a fair share of taxes for Apple. If you had said they don't pay all the taxes they legally owe, that is an objective statement that is capable of proof or disproof. I claim it is unfair to accuse someone of not paying their fair share of taxes because there is no objective way to prove or disprove the statement, hence it is a smear.
3:30 pm

Corporations are not people. That is a fact. People work for corporations and some people are evil. Some corporations sell products, such as tobacco, that many consider evil.
3:33 pm

But tobacco is a legal product that is responsible for causing untold billions in health cost. Alcohol is a legal product too that causes untold billions in health costs. What evil do Apple products promote and propagate over and above the general computer market?
4:44 pm

Btw, I do not smoke or drink. I do own an iPhone and an iPad. I rarely use the iPad. I love PC's and Windows and use that most of the time.
10:37 pm

Of course corporations are not people, KnightTime. Nobody here said they are. tuco was merely quoting Mitt Romney from August 11, 2011, and you apparently believed tuco was expressing his own opinion when in fact he was mocking Mitt.
10:38 pm

KnightTime, when you write "People work for corporations and some people are evil," you are dodging an important issue by failing to acknowledge that every corporation is controlled and managed by people. Clearly the behavior of each of those people can be judged individually against moral and ethical standards. By logical extension, when those people act collectively in directing a corporation, the resulting actions of the corporation may be measured against those same moral and ethical standards.
11:08 pm

The only thing I would add is corporations are legal entities made possible by government regulations. They should be subject to regulation and oversight. The political shift in the last 35+ years has been to relax the regulation and oversight on these entities to the detriment of the people.
11:42 pm

Corporate boards should be regulated here as in Germany where labor must have parity on the board.\n_in_Germany