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Difficulty: Easy Thursday, June 9, 2016

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CHAT LOG for Thursday, June 9, 2016

12:23 am

Done, no green.
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KnightTime, it does matter to anyone who needs tools and other measuring instruments. It costs industry millions each year that we're not standardized with the rest of the world. The metric system is much easier to teach and understand. Those who did, for example, the Hubble Telescope, I'm sure, did all their work on the metric system. Why incur the expense of two systems, two sets of tools, two languages?
7:46 am

well hello -- when did non-pro users get Checkpoints?
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10:15 am

Not so easy. 20.
10:27 am

Difficulty score 22. No green.
10:38 am

For all of you wishing the US would adopt the metric system, take a deep breath and relax. In 1866 Congress pass the Metric Act of 1866 which made it legal to use the metric system in commerce in the US. In 1893 the metric system became the basis for the definition of all customary units (e.g. foot, pound) used in the United States. In 1975 congress passed the Metric Conversion Act of 1975. So what happened?

First, conversion to metric was opposed by industry in the United States because of the associated costs. Second, conversion was opposed and ridiculed by US consumers. Since industry exists to serve consumers, the customary units have remained.

Some of you think that government should just force it on us. So far, the government has wisely allowed the people to decide.
10:47 am

B.T.W. all is not lost, you can buy pop in 2 liter bottles at almost any grocery store in the US.
12:10 pm

I wept 4 milliliters of tears worrying about this.
1:00 pm

I actually grew up in the UK and learnt both and used both. Curiously most people re;ate to what they grow up with. I agree Dr Who, let your customers decide, just remember that you're costing all those businesses that export extra money and difficulty. I rather imagine the US didn't change because they thought it would make importing goods more expensive and therefore help their own industries.
1:05 pm

Just thought it somewhat curious really rather than wrong, after all it did make more sense to the original humans i.e. a foot wasn't that far of a human foot, inch, the knuckle on the thumb, yard the average stride etc. I just pity the precision engineers working the fractions in thousandths of an inch! In Australia most people answer their height still in feet and inches - except the present generation who have no idea what anyone is talking about!
1:08 pm

You can keep your summer days of 61F thanks all the same, its fine for winter and thats cold enough. I look forward to summer in the high 90s. When it gets over 97 it's a bit too warm. Boxing Day a few years back it was 46C that's about 115F. That was a bit warm.
1:11 pm

Oh, Night Time, just to correct you, the formula is C x 9 divided by 5 and add 32 (freezing point of water) degrees C + 32F)
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1:37 pm

Phil, thanks for the "correction" - I already knew that. The multiply C by 2 and add 30 is the quick approximation - which works great for everyday temps.
1:38 pm

Phil, I live in Tucson Arizona. We have had straight 100F+ days since Thursday of last week. I love hot weather.
2:05 pm

3:07 pm

done - but at least the A/C is in too :)
9:46 pm

KnightTime - my sister lives in Tucson - she said it got up to 110 deg F. Definitely way too hot for this Boston girl. It's been cool and dreary here.
11:15 pm

Phil: you might find 90 F here uncomfortable. At least in Minnesota when it gets that hot it also gets humid.